American Revolution Strength Returns for 1777 in the New York Public Library Digital Collection.

August 23, 2016

1st NH Return

While doing a bit of Google-Fu on the Internet, I found that there were several strength returns for American units in the 1777 Northern Campaign among the New York Public Library’s Digital Collection. I have never seen most of these referenced in a secondary source, so they were quite a find. Here are the ones that I could find:

John Ashley’s (1st Berkshire Massachusetts) Militia Regiment (July 1777): (This is a very rare militia unit strength return)

1st New Hampshire Regiment (July 1777):

3rd New Hampshire Regiment (July 1777):

Nixon’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Brewer’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Marshall’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Alden’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Bailey’s (Massachusetts) Regiment (July 1777):

Learned’s Brigade (July 1777):

(the first regiment is van Schaick’s 1st New York Regiment – the writing is not very clear, but the comments below make it clear as to which unit it is as van Schaick had been sent to Tyron County to raise the militia.)

Schuyler army-level return (July 1777):

Gates army-level return (October 1777):

American Casualties at First Saratoga (September 1777):


Camden (1780) With Piquet-Cartouche

August 8, 2016

This weekend I set up my Camden (1780 – American Revolution) scenario for Piquet-Cartouche. I try to play my scenarios at least once solo before playing them with another person. This helps me find errors in the scenario and other issues that need a decision about. I had the game set up, and my son asked if he could try it out. We played a couple of turns (about 3 hours of game play). It was my son’s second game of Piquet, and the only time he commanded an entire side. He somehow ended up with the Americans, which were a large side to play on your first go. He did learn the rules quickly, and was beating my when we had to stop. We decided that he needed to play a smaller game before tacking a scenario this size.

I reset the game with a new set-up and new values (BDV) for the units. This time I was able to play the game solo to a conclusion. Playing time was about 5 hours plus an hour setting up the figures, organizing the decks, and rolling for the unit BDVs. It was a very interesting scenario to play. Almost all of the table is light woods with visibility of only 4″, so most of the shooting was done at fairly close range. Eventually I figured out that the British needed to charge as much as possible, and that led to a British victory. I also realized that Armand’s command needed to be in the rear as its small, skirmisher-type units did not fair well in the front line of battle. In the end, the Americans failed their major morale check two turns in a row (turns 4 and 5), and that pretty much ended the battle for them. The Piquet system worked very well as in the end; the Americans collapsed and started to rout off the board (in a fairly historical way). In the future I hope to play this scenario with Mark as it is a very interesting one to play.

I did have to substitute a few units and commanders, but I’m painting up what I need and hope to have them ready before the next game.

Here is the scenario we used: Camden August 2016

Here are some photos from the first (partially completed) game with my son, James.

Click on photos for a larger image

Here’s the overall battlefield. Note that the entire battlefield is wooded except for the farm on the right side of the photo:


The American left wing with Armand’s advance guard command in the front (which was not a good idea):


The British center-left which consisted of Webster’s Brigade and the Reserve:


Lord Rawdon and his command:


Some of de Kalb’s Continentals under Smallwood:


The converged 1st/3rd Maryland Regiment:


The converged 4th/6th Maryland Regiment of Gist’s Brigade:


Here are some photos of the solo game I played. I didn’t take a lot of photos as I was having too much fun playing the game.

The overall American set up. It even sort of looks like daybreak, which is about when the historical battle began:


More of the American initial set-up:


American militia:


The British left (Rawdon’s Brigade):


The Overall Set-Up:


Another overview shot:


General Stevens of the Virginia Militia:


General Horatio Gates before his “flight”:


General Smallwood of the Maryland Continentals:


Some of the American militia:


Cornwallis and aide:


Figures are 15/18mm and a mix of Minifigs, Old Glory, Blue Moon, Polly Oliver, and Freikrops figures.

Sorry about the uneven photo quality. I’m still learning how to take a decent game photo.

We used this version of the charts: AWI Charts 2016 5.0

Sgt Steiner’s YouTube Video

August 5, 2016

While searching for videos for an online college course in Irish History that I will teach in the fall, I took a break and looked at wargaming videos. I came across this very good one by Sgt Steiner:

He also has a blog at:

All are worth a look!

Camden (1780) Scenario for Piquet/Cartouche

July 26, 2016


Here is another American Revolution scenario for Piquet/Cartouche. This one is for the 1780 Battle of Camden. It is an interesting scenario given the variety of troops in each army and the clear disparity in overall commander levels. It is also basically a battle fought in a large section of light woods, so expect a lot of close engagements in the battle. You can find the scenario file here: Camden August 2016

As time allows (I have to start working at least half time again and I’m going on vacation in August) I’ll try and revise more scenarios. As my interest has been the Southern Campaign, most will come from that part of the war.


Cowpens (1781) Scenario for Piquet/Cartouche

July 25, 2016


I’ve had a busy summer so far with relatives visiting and clearing out a large dumpster worth of garbage from our house. I don’t know why I still had papers from graduate school around given that I completed my Ph.D. 15 years ago! Now back to do some gaming, especially since my game room has been completely cleaned up. Going through my files I realized that I had a complete scenario for the American Revolution Battle of Cowpens for Piquet/Cartouche. You can access the scenario here: Cowpens Battalion Scale July 2016



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