Reprint of The Mexican Soldier by Joseph Hefter

 About a year ago I noticed that Joseph Hefter’s The Mexican Soldier, 1837-1847 was being reproduced by someone on The Miniatures Page. I was a bit slowing in ordering a copy, but then a friend of mine showed me the copy he had ordered and I immediately ordered a copy from Patrick Wilson at the (Virtual) Armchair General ( The service from Mr. Wilson was excellent and the book arrived quickly. In terms of physical quality, the book is printed on high quality paper, well bound, and the illustrations (especially the color ones) are excellent reproductions from the original book. The only reservation I had was the $40 price, which seemed a bit high, but then the print quality is excellent and it includes many color images.

The book covers the organization, tactics, uniforms, equipment, and general information about the Mexican Army from 1837-1847, essentially the War of Texas Independence and the Mexican-American War. For anyone interested in the Mexican Army during this period, I can highly recommend this book. It provides a comprehensive examination of virtually every aspect of the Mexican Army. For example, the book clearly describes the uniforms worn by Mexican forces including changes by year. In addition to the text descriptions of uniforms it includes 23 plates that illustrate approximately 65 different uniforms and nearly 20 flags. In addition to the uniform information, the book includes organizational and historical information about many of the units of the Mexican Army. The depth of the material is so great that it even includes hard to find information such as: pay rates, details about weapons used, tactics employed, and a list of which units fought in each of the battles of the Mexican-American War. Overall, a must buy for anyone interested in the Mexican Army in the mid-Nineteenth Century.






5 Responses to Reprint of The Mexican Soldier by Joseph Hefter

  1. ¿Donde puedo conseguir un ejemplar del libro ” El soldado mexicano” by Joseph Hefter? Gracias.


  2. Reuben AGUILAR says:

    I purchased the original “El Soldado Mexicano” by Joseph Hefter in 1968. It is by far the most valuable informational purchased I have ever made.
    I was delighted to hear that TVAG was publishing a new edition. However, I was disappointed in the color renderings of the original line drawings. I wish that the author been a bit more artistic in the presentation.
    All in all, this is STILL a valuable book. All the Osprey books and most other books or information are based on Hefter(usually without accreditation.)
    Any wargame army or military art of this period based on cinematic uniforms will contain errors. Most specifically, Mexican infantry wearing sombreros.
    As Hefter stated in “Artes de Mexico” (another useful book, only once in Mexican military history did the Mexican army draw upon its rich cultural native dress for a uniform. Porfirio Diaz had the Rurale Cavalry dressed in grey charro outfits with white/silver lace topped by the wide sombrerro.


  3. José says:

    Para los amantes de la historia del ejercito mèxicano, es lo mejor que se ha escrito.


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