Black Powder Battles

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to play an actual miniatures game (often difficult with work and family obligations). My regular opponent, Mark, and I have tried Two Hour Wargame’s Nuts! recently and enjoyed it a great deal, so much so that he purchased the Black Powder Battle rules. This month Mark set up a couple of games of BPB set in the French and Indian War. We used the Chain Reaction 3.0 rules (free from Two Hour Wargames) as our base rules with period rules from BPB. We were able to play two games, each lasting about two hours (just like the advertisement says!). The first was small with about four figures per side in a basic scouting meeting engagement. The second had 9 figures per side and consisted of a British party of 4 colonial scouts and 5 British regulars trying to intercept a French force with 4 or 5 Native-Americans and 4 or 5 French regulars transporting a captured British officer. Both games were great fun (I didn’t win either). I’ll post more about future games using these rules. I liked them so much I plan to paint up some figures for the periods covered (Seven Years’ War/French and Indian War, American Revolution, and Napoleonic Wars). I just need to select one period and decide on figure scale. I like the looks of 25mm figures, but I think the game looks better with 15mm figures and the ranges in the rules (seemed short for 25mm figures).



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