More Black Powder Battles

Last Sunday I was able to play a couple of games of Black Powder Battles with Mark. After our last games of the same, I found I liked the rules but that they needed a major tweek to make them more horse and musket and less like World War Two with nicer uniforms. The biggest problem was the near immediate reloads for shooters. Given the time it took to do other tasks, it seemed that reloading needed to take more time. I downloaded copies of the previous editions of BPB (Mayhem: Muskets and Mohawks and Mayhem: Warring Nations) to see how they did reloading and other things. I found that reloading was a task/action and not nearly automatic. I also liked how they did some other things. I took these points and added more (a clearer firing table and rules for walking wounded) and created a new set of QRS tables and sent them to Mark. Mark playtested them and added more positive revisions. In our games on Sunday, we found more points to correct and added an action for aimed fire, which was difficult for figures to be able to use, but did add to the game. By the end of the two games, we both felt we had a very solid set of rules for small skirmish horse and musket battles. I now have to decide what figures to order. Mark has a large collection of French and Indian War (both sides) so I can either do more European figures for the Seven Years’ War or American Revolution (and use his figures as well) or strike out on a new path with something like Napoleonic figures. Overall, I am very pleased with our revised Black Powder Battle rules and look forward to many more games with them.

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