Field of Glory Battle Report

I was able to play my second game of Field of Glory last weekend. I had played once before, but I think I was so exhausted from work and family duties that I didn’t remember much about that game. My gaming friend Mark was kind enough to set up a game of Field of Glory for me to try again. The game was based on the Battle of Trebia, between the Romans and Carthaginians. I have played other Ancient period rules such as WRG (almost 30 years ago), DBA, and Piquet. I really enjoyed playing Field of Glory, far more than the other rules (except Piquet being the next best). I actually won as well! Pretty amazing as I am not the most expert person out there on Ancient warfare (Mark has won all of the previous FOG and Piquet ancient period games we have played). Regardless of winning or losing, I think FOG is a well thought out set of rules. I also like the immense physical quality of the rules, also the reasonable price for the rules and supplements. Mark wrote up the following photo after action report of the game; he also provided the figures, terrain, table, and lunch. See the link for the photos with after action captions.

Trebia images

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