Piquet Field of Battle conversion for the 30 Years’ War


 No Game in December as I am busy with end of semester grading and birthdays (mine and my daughter’s) and Mark takes a week off this time of the year. In January, Mark ran a Thirty Years’ War game based on a modified version of the Piquet Field of Battle rules. Basically he adapted Field of Battle to the 1600s. I thought the rules worked well in Mark’s variant. We were able to play two medium sized games to a conclusion. The variant worked well enough that we are going to use it for our February game. In many ways Piquet Field of Battle is becoming my default set of rules for the horse and musket era. I enjoy the way units lose cohesion but are able to regain that will successful leader rallies. This defacto unit integrity system makes having reserves very important as well as pulling battered units off the front lines to regroup in the rear (if possible). Also the card driven command system is one of the best I have ever encountered, even better than the original Piquet (which I like as well). It gives a good flow to the game and cuts out the mechanical feeling that most U-go, I-go systems have. The card system also better represents the uneven flow of historical battles (in contrast to the general advance that some games have). Finally, the card system adds a great deal of suspense to the game, making it both interesting and fun to play. Mark was kind enough to supply the table, 10mm figures and lunch for both of use for the game!




 (Thanks to Mark for providing these pictures as well.)



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