Games in February and March

Last February and last Saturday (March 20), Mark and I continued to refine his Piquet Field of Battle variant for the Thirty Years’ War (I’ll try to get Mark to send me more pictures to post!). The games all went well and we are close to producing a clearly viable variant for this period and the Piquet Field of Battle rules. I think we have come very close to really capturing the feel of 17th Century battles with Mark’s variant.

All of the games play quickly (less than four hours actual playing time), and really had a feel for the period, which is important as some multi-period rules can end up very generic. We were also able to use fairly large forces, about 30 units per player with ease. I think each of us could have run another 12 to 18 units without becoming bogged down. We did find we both need to reread the Field of Battle rules as we realized we had made a few minor mistakes, but none of these really had a big impact on the play of the games.

Mark’s figures are also one base per unit, which worked well as they units are based as a deployed combat unit, that is normal frontage and deployment. That was an important learning lesson for me as it made me realize that we could use single stand based units for other periods that had a finite combat deployment like larger scale horse and musket battles with miniatures based on a single base (like I have used for Volley and Bayonet and Grande Armee). I’ll have to think about converting VnB style games to Piquet FOB with single bases, but I think it can clearly be done.


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