July Game

Mark was unable to host our June game due to illness so we played that game in early July. I had wanted to try a naval game and Mark set up a small game of David Manley’s late 19th Century naval rules, Fire When Ready (http://www.aandagames.co.uk/fire_when_ready.htm). We each ran a two capital ships (Italian and Austro-Hungarian). While not my period of history for naval games, I thought the rules were very well thought out and easy to pick up. Being well streamlined, we played a full game in 2-3 hours. If you are interested in late 19th Century naval games, give these rules a try. They avoid being over technical in detail and do include solid differences in command and crew quality. Best of all, they do not require movement plotting, which makes most naval games a nightmare for me. This game was a good reintroduction to naval gaming. I had played other sets of rules for Napoleonics and World War Two, but was turned off by the complexity and slow mechanics which produced some pretty boring games. I am now looking for naval rules for other periods which do not require plotting and twenty years of experience as a naval officer to play.

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