August & September Games

Mark was sick in September, so we were not able to play our planned Piquet Field of Battle WW2 game until October. However, we were able to play another game of Nuts! in August. We had three players, one of which had only briefly played the rules once before, and still were able to play two complete scenarios with a lot of talk and down time in a regular day (10 am to 5 pm). The first game took less than two hours and the second was more like three hours long. The first scenario was some sort of meeting engagement that I have forgotten the details of. The other scenario was far more interesting and involved a couple of British infantry squads defending a Sherman tank that was immobile from a platoon of German infantry who were determined to destroy the tank. That scenario was very interesting. We found that 75m HE rounds are very lethal in Nuts! be it takes sometime to ge able to fire one due to the reloading and activation rules (which was very realistic). Overall, I think Nuts! is a very solid game system and does a good job in producing skirmish games with a couple of platoons or less per side.  I am so encouraged by the results from Nuts! (second edition) that I may finally get around to painting more vehicles to go along with my infantry platoons

Mark seems to agree as I noticed in our October game that the other half of his game table had a 1940 Dutch infantry vs. German paratroopers in 28mm game going on. Next time we play Nuts! I’ll have to get Mark to take a few photos.

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