Mark’s Nuts! Game

As I noted in my post about our Piquet Field of Battle WW2 game, Mark had a Nuts! game set up on the other half of his table. It looked really interesting and he was kind enough to send me a few pictures of it. We have played several Two Hour Wargames (of which Nuts! is part of) but I don’t recall ever posting any pictures of them, so to make up for that, here are some pictures of a Nuts! game in action. As I recall, it involved German paratroopers trying to seize a bridge from some Dutch infantry in 1940. Nuts! is a great skirmish game for World War Two. We found that players could run about a platoon per side, any more at one time might be too much. There are also rules for vehicles which seemed to work well and were not as complicated as they looked. I also like the 1940 period, but in 15mm. I plan to get some German and French forces as they are now produced by Battlefront, who made all of the 15mm figures I use for World War Two.


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