Piquet Field of Battle Colonials


I was able to play in my first colonial game using Piquet Field of Battle. It was hosted by Ian of Warflag fame (http://www.warflag.com/). This was his first go at FOB with his massive colonial collection, but he has played FOB before in an American Revolution game I ran and in a War of Spanish Succession game he ran. In a moderate length day (10 am to about 6 pm with a break for an excellent North African style lunch provided by Ian) we were able to play two smaller games. Both games were based on the French colonial operations in Northwest Africa. The first involved African forces attacking a French colonial outpost and the second was centered on a French attack on an African held village. I wish I had some photos but I am photo inept and Ian didn’t take any photos.

The mechanics were pretty much regular FOB, but we played the game at a lower scale and simply doubled the weapon ranges. All in all it worked well. It also played historically accurate as the French were the clear winners of both games, primarily due to the poorer quality of the African forces and the superior quality and weaponry of the French. Also most of the players had played before or had read the rules, which really helped things move along.

I did learn a few things in playing the game. First, I think our second game was too small. To make FOB work, both sides need at least 10 units per side, especially with 8 players involved. Secondly, FOB played well with four players per side, something that regular Piquet did not do well at. Finally, colonials are a hard period to play as the non-European forces have some real disadvantages, but then European forces tended to win larger colonial battles unless they made some really poor decisions. Most importantly, all of the players seemed to have a enjoyable time playing FOB, which is a high endorsement given that we had 8 players.

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