Nuts! 1940

In addition to my never ending rebasing of my 6mm figures for Piquet Field of Battle WW2, I’ve started to paint some figures for the 1940 campaigns. I’ve got my first squad of French nearly done and I am working on a squad of Germans. I am also painting a SdKfz 222 armored car for the Germans. The first scenario I want to try out will be a lone French squad with all sorts of visiting leaders (platoon leader and a major from the battalion staff) holding off elements of a German recon battalion (a dismounted motorcycle squad and a SdKfz 222). I’m still using the Flames of War figures, whose style I like despite not being perfect figures. I hope to get in a solo game of this in April and maybe I can convince Mark to play it in May.  Nuts! is a pretty straight forward game, so maybe I can also get my 10 year old son to play it (so far he has resisted any wargame that doesn’t involve a computer or a DS).

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