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I am a fan of old-school wargaming. Not that I really play that many old-school wargaming rules these days, nor do I have many old-school figures, but there is just something appealing about reading about this approach to me. I think that a lot of that comes from when I started getting interested in toy soldiers in 1969 (I bought my first two boxes of Airfix figures – ACW Union and Confederate infantry) and played my first real miniatures game in about 1975 with a copy of Joe Morschauser’s How to Play War Games in Miniature borrowed from the public library. About the same time I found board wargames and they became my main wargame focus until the 1990s, with only occassional miniature games in the early to mid 1980s. However, I still find myself fascinated reading about miniature wargames from the 1970s or earlier. One of the best places to read about old-school wargaming is at Vintage Wargaming,

I think that comes from my own innocence as a young boy. I loved to go to the hobby store and look at the metal figures the “men” bought and fought wargames with; alas all I could afford were the Airfix plastic figures, which I could never get to hold paint! Even with poorly or unpainted Airfix figures I had great fun playing games of Morschauser’s rules on a very small table with minimal terrain, all of those games being solo as well. It was sort of like your first love; you might later realize that she was less than gorgeous, but as your first girlfriend she seemed like the greatest thing in the world at the time. Last night I was browsing through a copy of the Morschauser rules I found at a hobby store consignment section a few years ago. I probably won’t be playing a game with them anytime soon, but I had a lot of great memories of being 12 or 13 and trying to figure out on my own how these miniature wargame rules work. For a bit more of old Morschauser see the links on Vintage Wargaming:

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