Volley and Bayonet Images

For some reason, this blog would not let me include all of these pictures with the below post (so read that post and then the pictures will make sense):

The French free deployment for Hastenbeck:

The Hanoverian deployment for the same:

French Cavalry on massed cavalry stands:

French Artillery and French Infantry on linear bases (the white markers indicate the unit is in march column formation):

Hanoverian Infantry on linear bases and a Hanoverian Cavalry unit on a massed base:

Hanoverian Skirmish Cavalry and a Linear Infantry in march column (the single figure is a commander):

Hanoverian Infantry deployed in a town (the cannon ball markers show that the unit is “stationary”):

Close up of French Infantry and a French Commander:

A good view of what a Volley and Bayonet game looks like in action:

Another view of the battle:

The game in action with Dale’s “hand of god”:

Mark’s friend Dale, who joined us for the game:

Pictures, table and figures provided by Mark.


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