Great Service from the Warstore!

I’m frugal, painfully so. My wife has noticed that I almost cry when spending money on anything than fine food and drink. So when I buy some wargame materials, it is a big deal. I took about $100 of Christmas and birthday money I had (yes I am a 48 year old college professor and still get Christmas and birthday money) and decided to spend it. Two online retailers had figures I wanted. I could live without either order as I, like most wargamers, have thousands of figures waiting to be painted. I decided on which to order from based on service. The unnamed retailer took 30+ days on my last order so they could wait. Instead I ordered stuff from The WarStore as they had given me adequate service last time (quick shipping but only a partial fill). I decided that this order would be my make or break order from the WarStore.

I ordered after their business hours last Monday and in a week, I had my order at my door with a 100% fill. That is very good in my book. I live in a small town and it always takes an extra day for anything to get to me, so really five working days to fill and deliver is very good by my standards. So thanks to the WarStore, I’ll order more from you (like those lovely Perry 25mm ACW figures – both plastic and metal).

Great service like this makes my sick day (really sick, I don’t get “sick days” in my profession) not so terrible.

One Response to Great Service from the Warstore!

  1. Andy says:

    I’ve always gotten exceptional service from the War Store, I would never hesitate to order from them.

    Hope you get feeling better!!


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