May Nuts! Game Part 1

This May, Mark and I (and in the second game Vic) played two games of Nuts! with the second edition of the rules. Often Mark and I try out new rules or ideas in our games, sort of a test kitchen for games. This month we played two games of Nuts!. The general theme of each was to have one lower quality side attacked by a better quality side to see how much troop quality impacts the game. In the end we found out that lower troop quality makes a dramatic difference in the game, which is as it should be.

This entry is about our first game, a French defense of a small bridge in May 1940. The French had a reinforced infantry squad and were attacked by a German motorized infantry squad (dismounted) which was supported by a SdKfz 222 armored car. The scenario details can be found here:

 Nuts 1940 Scenario

Basically the French set up on their side of the river and the Germans were able to set up within 12″ of their side of the board. Here is the basic map we used:

The French (run by Mark) deployed in three groups:

The Germans (run by me) came on in the woods to the French right:

The Germans advanced to the wood line and opened fire on the French:

The results were not good for the French:

With the French in chaos, the Germans advanced on the farm house:

The battle then revolved around a handgrenade fight and the German armored car joining the fight:

And the results were not good for the French:

Given their casualties, the last remaining French withdrew. What we learned is that lower quality troops can return fire for a round or two, but eventually their morale fails and they duck back or worse.

The figures were from Battle Front (Flames of War), which I painted. Here is a close up of the French infantry:

And Mark provided the terrain and lunch. All in all an interesting game. Once again, the Nuts! rules worked very well and I can highly recommend them.

Part 2 will be about our 1944 British vs. Germans game on the same map/table.

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