May Nuts! Game Part 2

Our second game of Nuts! used the same terrain and included two squads of British infantry with the platoon headquarters (minus 2″ mortar section) attacking two weak squads of German replacement troops. Mark and Vic ran the British and I ran the Germans. The British were of fairly good quality while the Germans were pretty low in terms of quality. Once again, this was a test of the importance of troop quality in the rules. As in our first game, the better troops did much better. Basically, the poorly quality troops are able to exchange fire once or twice and then their morale breaks and they fall back.

We used the same table as in our other game:

Here is our basic scenario information:

Nuts 1944 Scenario

The Germans set up on their side of the river (really a deep stream) and the British set up within 12″ of their side of the board.

We also allowed the British to use an artillery barrage before the game started. Here are the rules we used for that:

Artillery Barrages In NUTS

The Germans deployed one squad in the farm building and one in the woods to the rear. The artillery barrage did some damage to those in the woods but broke the morale of every German in the farm building except the super hero squad leader:

The British Left (commanded by Mark) was sent against my troops in the farm house. They lost a figure or two in their advance, but once again their return fire broke my replacement German soldiers morale. Basically, the British kept advancing and used a PIAT against the upper floor of the farm, eliminating three more Germans. With that and the collapse of the Germans in the woods, the few German survivors in the farm beat a hasty retreat.

The British Right (commanded by Vic) was equally effective. They crawled to the edge of the field which triggered a short firefight with the Germans in the woods. Three Germans went down and the rest retreated into the woods. The British only lost one man. Then the British Right advanced to the woods and engaged the regrouping Germans in a melee fight. The end result was total British victory.

Here is how things looked at the end of the game:

Once again we learned how important troop quality was in Nuts!. Basically the lower grade troops exchange fire once or twice and then their morale breaks. Mark requested that next time we have more equal troop qualities for a better game. I didn’t tell him that I almost included a few Bren Carriers for the British. That would have been an even bigger disaster for the Germans as in our first game we learned that armored vehicles are a killer unless you have a substantial antitank gun or an armored vehicle of your own. Maybe next game we will include a couple of armored vehicles for each side.

I provided the figures and Mark provided the terrrain and took the photos.


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