June Game: Sharp Practice

Well not all games work out and yesterday Mark and I had one of those less successful gaming experiences. Mark wanted to try out the Sharp Practice rules by the Too Fat Lardies. It was a “learning game” in that we were going to spend most of our time learning the rules rather than a super serious gaming experience. Mark set up a game with his French and Indian War figures, mostly light infantry and Native Americans on both sides. We learned a lot and we were doing a fair amount wrong, but the game ground to a halt when we figured out the rules were not the most complete and we spent a lot of time looking through the rules and the FAQ from the Yahoo Group for answers. In the end we never finished the game as we could not find several key concepts in the rules. We might try it again as there were many good points to the rules, but it suffered from what Americans call the missing rule syndrome in many British rules. I think that as Americans we have been trained on board game rules, which tended to be very complete, and our game suffered when the Sharp Practice rules were less than complete. Oh well, maybe a better game next time.


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