1st Bull Run for Volley and Bayonet

Mark’s Seven Years’ War games with Volley and Bayonet dramatically revived my interest in the rules (plus actually having a new edition of the rules published). I am currently rebasing my 15mm American Revolution and 15mm American Civil War figures for those rules, both on 2/3rd size bases (I’ll still play Piquet Field of Battle, but I think I’ll redo that in 25mm). I have a fair start in terms of painted figures and all of the unpainted figures I’d ever need for both the American Revolution and American Civil War. Looking for a small scenario to run in either period I immediately thought of 1st Bull Run. I have taken Greg Novak’s scenario from the Volley and Bayonet Webpage and updated it to VnB:RtG and added the possiblity of the 5th Union Division entering the batttle. It looks like a very good starter battle for the American Civil War so I thought I would post my revised version.

 1st Bull Run


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