Ramillies with Piquet Field of Battle

Today I was able to play another Piquet Field of Battle game. Ian Croxall of warflag (http://www.warflag.com/blenheim2004/) fame hosted a refight of one wing of Ramilles. We had 4 players per side and we used a few of Ian’s variants for the War of Spanish Succession. One of the notable changes was that we omitted brigade commanders and only used division and higher commanders. The reason for this was this half of the battle had about 70 units per side, which at first looked huge. Ian and another player had play tested the scenario before hand and assured us that it would work with so many units. I was a bit surprised that the rules did work with so many units per side and the omission of the brigade commanders. I did find that with so many units there was a lot of player fatigue by the end of the game, however, we were able to play the game to a conclusion, with a French defeat in about seven hours. All in all it was a good gaming experience and I hope Ian runs more games in the future (he’s in a band now and that takes up most of his hobby time).

I didn’t bring a camera (as I can barely use one) and no one else took any pictures, but here is a picture from one of Ian’s playtests of Ramillies with his convention set of rules:

My favorite unit was this funky Allied light gun mounted on a wagon:


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