The First Year at WordPress

Today is the last day of my blogs first year with WordPress. El Granadero Loco has had just shy of 9000 hits in that year, which has shown me that keeping the blog going is worthwhile. I’ll post last Saturday’s Volley and Bayonet game of First Bull Run soon. Otherwise my priorities have been focused on painting units I will need to carry out some long overdue projects.

The first is to play a short (first year) American Civil War campaign game (Greg Novak’s campaign) with Volley and Bayonet, and as more figures get painted to play the entire war campaign. The second is to slowly paint up figures to play the old Volley and Bayonet Waterloo campaign (Napoleon Returns). Both use 2/3rds size bases and 15mm figures with 8-10 infantry for massed infantry, 4 cavalry for massed cavalry and 2 infantry for skirmish infantry stands. The advantages of that basing are that I can play most of the big battles of the horse and musket era with Volley and Bayonet on a 6′ x 4′ table and I will only need to paint hundreds of figures (rather than thousands) for any of the periods. All of my recent Volley and Bayonet games have gone well. Outside of trying out some basic command and control rules we play Volley and Bayonet with only a few house rules (that means it really works well). I’m not the fastest painter, but I hope to start the ACW campaign in fall 2012 and the Waterloo campaign in 2013.

I hope to buy a new (and much larger) house next summer and that house should have some sort of area (my man cave) where I can leave a 6′ x 4′ table up all the time. That will give me more of an incentive to try out more solo games and maybe get my 11 year old son going into the world of miniature wargaming. So stay tuned as even more will get posted in the second year of El Granadero Loco on Word press.

2 Responses to The First Year at WordPress

  1. jdglasco says:

    I will post a game report for 1st Bull Run soon with some photos of my American Civil War figures. I tend to put 8-10 infantry on a massed infantry base and 4 cavalry on a massed cavalry base. I tend to favor the mini-diorama look rather than the massed look. I think VnB has period flavor through the different base types (mass/linear) and all of the various modifying definitions (shock, PT, etc), but I do have some house rules. I’ll try and write those up as my regular opponent wants a copy of the house rules we use.


  2. Steve Preston says:

    Hi, i use the 2/3 15mm scale as well, for exactly the same reasons, would be interested in your house rules. I use VnB1 mostly, haven’t taken the time to brush up on V2,(though I do own the rules)
    Napoleonics seem to look great with 12 inf on a base, to get that ‘block’ look. I have been puting 7 Cavalry on a base 3 in the lead and 4 behind, though it can get a bit crowded on a 2*2 base.
    My main opponent claims VnB lacks ‘flavour’, interested in your take on it.



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