October Game: 1st Bull Run with Volley & Bayonet

In October, Mark and I tried out the revised Volley and Bayonet scenario I had made for the Battle of 1st Bull Run. We were able to play the battle twice (we switched sides after the first game). Both games were very close and ended in a draw. In both cases each side controlled 2 of the 5 objectives and 1 objective was contested, which resulted in two ties. The limited number of units in the scenario produced a very interesting game in that both players carefully husbanded their units as they didn’t have many to lose. Overall, both Mark and I had a good time and the scenario produced a very interesting game (both times).

As far as the games went, in both cases the game, like the real battle, centered on the center portion of the table/battlefield. We found that the Union forces could move more aggressively in the first half of the battle due to the pressence of their commanders. Lacking commanders and relying on self-activation roles the Confederates tended to get stuck in place once they entered the table. I want to double check the historical battle narrative to see if the Confederates should get more commanders earlier in the battle. Regardless, both games were great and some of the most enjoyable games we have played in a long time.

Here is the scenario (which has some minor revisions from the one I posted earlier):

1st Bull Run 2.0

Both games played out with similar results so I’ll only post the full picture run from our first game (along with the final end picture from the second game).

Here is an overview of the table/battlefield:

The Union advance:

The Union then achieved an early breakthrough:

Confederate reinforcements arrive:

The Confederates then massed their forces and counter attacked:

The game ended with each side controlling two objectives and one objective being contested (so the game ended in a tie).

Our second game followed a similar pattern and ended with a tie as well. Here is the end of game two:

Here I contemplate how hard this scenario is to win.

Figures and scenario provided by me. Table and lunch provided by Mark. Once again I think I screwed up the picture quality with my over use of the image auto correct feature.


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