Greg Novak’s AWI Order of Battle Books

I know that Greg Novak’s American War of Independence books have been out for some time now, but I wanted to give them a plug. These two books are available from Old Glory for $40. The two books contain the best researched set of orders of battle out there for the American War of Independence (what I call the American Revolution). The books include how units were organized and their authorized strengths, periodic orders of battle that are great for setting up historical campaigns, and orders of battle for most every battle (major and minor) of the American Revolution. The books have been vastly updated since the older ones published by Freikorps, so if you just have the older books, get the new edition now. The quality of research is excellent, including about 65 pages of British orders of battle (researched from English archives) that I sent to Greg when I heard he was revising the books (Greg accepted them and being the gentleman he is, had Old Glory send me a $200 gift certificate for my help). So if you are interested in wargaming the American War of Independence, then this set of books is a MUST have.

2 Responses to Greg Novak’s AWI Order of Battle Books

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  2. Steve Preston says:

    Thanks for the tip, these are great books


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