Blue Moon 15mm American Revolution Figures

Recently I’ve been painting some of Blue Moon’s 15mm American Revolution figures. I originally ordered these just to see what they were like. I liked the first couple of packs so much that I’ve ordered more of them. Basically they are 18mm figures and seem to fit fairly well with my Old Glory 15/18mm American Revolution figures, but are noticeably bigger than the older true 15mm Minifigs and Polly Oliver figures I have. I have found that if you keep different size figures on their own bases, you don’t really notice the difference in size once the game starts. The Blue Moon American Revolution range is fairly complete, and you can find some of the missing figures (like French generals) in their 15mm French and Indian War range.

The figures were had only minimal flash and were easy to prepare for painting. I found that they had a slightly raised detail, not as much as Old Glory 15s but more than Minifig 15s, which made them easy to paint. I am currently painting my second batch of American riflemen and they are by far by favorite riflemen figures in 15mm. In terms of style they are sort of a well done version of the Musket Miniatures figures and include several different poses, but none of those “hey Bob” figures that haunt the Old Glory range. I have also painted some British highlanders in trousers and those were equally enjoyable to paint. The figures seem historically accurate, and I have not seen any noticeable errors in them. One advantage is that you can usually buy the command figures separately which allows you to field units of what ever size you want and not end up with too many or too few command figures. All in all, I can highly recommend the Blue Moon American Revolution 15/18mm range. You can get them from either Blue Moon or Old Glory. I got mine direct from Old Glory and their service was excellent; they even called me at home when I screwed up typing in my credit card number (and were very nice about it). When I get a picture of some of the painted figures I’ll post that as well.

Here are the British Highlanders in trousers (unpainted):

Here are the American Riflemen (unpainted):


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