All Things Zombie on Vassal

I was looking through Vassal (, a system that lets you play board games on your computer, for any new game modules, and I found a module for Two Hour Wargames’ All Things Zombie. All Things Zombie is normally a miniatures game so I wondered how this would work. Basically the module lets you build your own “board” with each square added being a foot on a miniatures table. Then you can add terrain which includes roads, streams,  two choices of hills, fences, trees, misc. terrain, and buildings. Once that is done you add your human characters and your starting zombies. Basically, the Vassal module allows you to play a miniatures game via your computer.

I found the game easy to play via Vassal. I wish there were more terrain options, but you can add as many figures as you want as well as select from a decent number of vehicles. There are also figures for zombies (four types) and the humans vary from military to civilian. The terrain remains fixed once you place it, but you can easily move the figures and vehicles around. The charts are for the first edition of All Things Zombie, but I used my second edition rules and everything worked fine (I ignored the first edition rules and played by the newer edition rules).

All in all it was a fun game and a good way to try out the All Things Zombies rules without having to paint a bunch of figures and buildings. While not as visually appealing, it did work, and I could do it from my computer. So if you want to try out All Things Zombie on your computer, go to Vassal and download the All Things Zombie module .

Here is a picture of my game at the end:


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