April 2012’s Games

Last month (April) Mark and I played a couple of games of Wings of War as I wanted to see how they worked. The first thing I learned is that Wings of War is now being revised and re-released as Wings of Glory (see http://www.aresgames.eu/games/ww2-wings-of-glory-line and http://www.aresgames.eu/games/ww1-wings-of-glory-line). I had heard a lot about Wings of War, and I vaguely recall Mark once explaining how it worked to me. We didn’t have a big game planned so I asked Mark to run a couple of games so I could see how it worked. Overall, I thought the game worked very well and I see why it is so popular. I like airplane games, but I am not a pilot so I want my airplane games to be simple enough for someone with no idea of how to fly a plane. The game mechanics should do the work, not me trying to imagine how to fly my plane. Wings of War succeeded admirably with this demand. It was also just a lot of fun. Our games were pretty short and in a couple of hours I suspect that you could play many rounds, even with more than a couple of players.  I enjoyed the World War One version of Wings of War and will be buying some of the Wings of Glory products for both World War One and World War Two when they are available. 

We also played a game of Zombies!!!, which is always great fun. We just played the basic game as Mark had not played in a long time. Sadly, Mark clearly won the game with his brilliant use of some of the event cards. Zombies!!! Plays very well with 2 players, but I suspect it would be even more fun with 4 to 6 players, especially in a very fun oriented, social game setting. I cannot recommend Zombies!!! enough; every game I have played has been a blast. For more about the Zombies!!! game see http://www.twilightcreationsinc.com/en/boardgames/zombies.html.

One Response to April 2012’s Games

  1. Mark Skansberg says:

    A few years ago my friend Matt and I hosted several Zombies! games at Historicon. What made the game different was that we had scaled up all the game cards into 1×1 ft. tiles with roads, sidewalks, and 3D building models fitting the figure scale of the Zombies included with the boxed game. All the figures were painted, with some special humans as SWAT team members, various first responders and well armed survivalists. Scale model vehicles, and of course the helicopter, as well as other terrain features really turned the simple game into a visual spectacle. We kept the rules as they were, with figure placements still in the usual areas of each card as it came up.
    Of course, with this much room on the table, we had to modify the zombie headcount to give a better Zombie hordes effect, using a 5 to 1 ratio for every zombie in the box game. To keep the game true to the original, we just made the weapons more lethal so you would mow down multiple zombies at a time. We painted a LOT of of zombies!
    We modeled every building depicted in the game cards, but as several of the standard game cards are duplicates, we had to do a bit of free lance design work so every building was unique. Most buildings were multi-level foam core, with open backs so you could easily move figures around in them. Matt is a good photographer, so he took pictures of actual businesses that we enlarged and used to wall paper the exteriors of some of the models. The Home Depot was a favorite, with a parking lot of scale vehicles to fight through. We hid supplies in the buildings like in the game, but you really had to enter the buildings to find them.
    We played the game 3 times that weekend, always to a full crowd of players. (We learned that 6 players was still a good limit to keep everyone involved, 8+ was too many as people had to wait too long for their next turn.) Just like the box game, each game ended up looking quite different as the cards were drawn at random and the town began to take shape. The players were very devious in where they placed their section of the map, trying to get themselves closer to where they thought the helipad would be while trying just as hard to keep their opponents as far away and as occupied with the zombies as possible.
    In all, it was great fun, and we still drag it out from time to time for our local gaming group. I am still trying to figure out the best way to model the sewer system for underground movement as in one of the later versions of the game.



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