Meeples and Miniatures Blog

Meeples and Miniatures Blog

Given my busy work load as a professor with two teaching jobs, who is married to a professor with two teaching jobs, plus we have two children, I sometimes don’t get the time or have the energy to paint figures as much as I would like to. Instead, I am often stuck grading the endless amounts of assignments that university students produce (it’s my fault as I make all the assignments!). However, I do like to have some back ground noise (music or discussion) going on while I grade to break up the monotony of grading. A few months ago I saw a notice on The Miniatures Page for this audio and video blog called Meeples and Miniatures. So one day I went to it for some background noise while I did my professorial work. Quickly, I was devoting more of my attention to Meeples and Miniatures than my work!

This is a really great resource for wargamers. It is run by Neil Shuck, seemingly all by himself.  Neil does an excellent job of explaining what new games and miniatures are like. I especially like the video blog entries as the images let you see what new figures are really like. I also enjoy that Neil is not a “fanboy”. If a product is a bit lacking he will let you know in an honest way. Having said that, my favorite part of the blog is the View from the Veranda section. In these audio entries, Neil and Henry Hyde (from Battlegames) discuss all sorts of topics in depth. These conversations tend to be about weightier issues and I’ve found them very interesting. I’ve listened to episodes 1-4 and I have enjoyed all of them. Towards the end of episode 4, Neil and Henry have a very interesting conversation about what is the point of wargaming: are they moving dioramas, just games, or something else. I have found Henry Hyde’s comments so intelligent that I hope to buy some of the back issues of Battlegames once I get some free time to read them.

For the Meeples and Miniatures blog go to:  (clearly worth the look!)


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