Maybe a major wargame room success?


Our offer on a new house has been accepted. It only took two months of hell to find the perfect home for us. Once we get past the home inspection and VA loan approval (95%+ chance that all will go our way), we will own a home with a major wargame man cave, really a cavern as it is so big. This will be a dedicated wargame room, with figure and terrain storage and a table that can be left up as long as I’d like. As I wait for all the inspection boxes to be checked so I can own the home, I’ve started to ponder what size table I’d like to use and if that would allow me to change figure size (to 25mm). I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, but as we foresee no problems in getting the house, I’ve started to ponder all this, which is a much more optimistic way to spend the next two weeks than worrying about something going wrong.

If all goes well, I’ll have this room (see pictures below – I know the green carpet sucks, but that would eventually be replaced by a durable hardwood floor), which has about a 16-18′ x 12-14′ useable area for a wargame table (I forgot to take a tape measure, but I did a rough pace off of the pace). The slanted roof reduces some of the space for a table, but the other areas can still be used for shorter storage units and half height book shelves. In the past, I’ve only had room for a 4′ x 6′ table and that had to be put away after the game. So I’m sort of at a loss as to what size table I’d like. That has made me start thinking about what size games I’d like to play, and what size figures I’d like to use. If I go for 25mm, would I sell my 15mm and 6mm figures? So I’ve got a lot to dream about until I take possesion of the house. Still dreams at this time as lots of things can go wrong with a home purchase, but at least we have an accepted offer at this point and the contract will be valid as of Monday. The best part is that the wargame cavern is only one of the excellent features that this house offers my family, so we are buying the house for lots of reasons, not just the wargame cavern.

I’ll post more when I know about the approval, but for now I’ll start dreaming about what I can do with this space. I feel like a kid with a big pile of cash standing outside of the candy store, just waiting for them to open up.

Here’s some pictures of my soon to be (wish me the best on this) wargame cavern:


4 Responses to Maybe a major wargame room success?

  1. Bill Owen says:

    Down here in Belize I have a large area but I would only use it for a very large naval game. It’s actually a covered porch since the only risks are driving rain which can be shielded and winds which would make plastic miniatures and sprinkled gravel roads impractical.

    Often we think bigger and better. And ones opportunity to expand as you age and get wealthier can get us into a cul de sac. My recommendation is to consider changing your directions to working with what you have than getting rid of scales that you have a major investment in. So unless if your eyes are unable to see tiny scales (very common problem), I would remind you that as we age our time is tighter than the difficulty of getting glasses updated. Starting over in a new scale is pretty daunting time-wise.

    Unless of course, the scale change is like my 1:600 regimental blocks …an army in an evening after magnetizing and cutting. So maybe I’m just contrary but I sold my 25mm ACW & HO minitanks in favor of downsizing. And I would rather focus on making the terrain look really nice and the game, less the miniatures (which in my case are just 3-D markers). An example who does this really nicely is at a page I made for a Great Battles buddy:

    Plus also as we age, standing around and stretching over a giant game table becomes more physically tiring and so 4×6′ is the biggest where you can sit through most of the game, but my trend is towards an even smaller table i.e. 1:600 scale V&B with cm’s instead of inches so the typical 6×9′ table would instead by 72x108cm’s plus room for divisional displays, drinks, play aids & charts.

    Once you put in shallow tables and/or shelving along the low-bridge sloping ceilings, you will have less table space (with room for seating and getting around extra-padded wargamers in those seats) than you might think …but you may still be able to add bigger tabletop on top of the ‘normal’ table for ship games or giant games that you might occasionally have.

    Finally, having room for two games set up is another possibility. Not sure if you saw my heavily built 4×6′ table on wheels? If you had two such tables you could have one game on deck, another in the ‘hanger’ being prepped — or put them together for a 4×12 vs. 6×8′. And remember how Mark W had several folding tables and styrofoam bases to allow for very long vs. squarish


    • jdglasco says:

      My minumum size table will be 4’x 6′, but I hope to have the options for larger tables (9′ x 5′ – if the ping pong table in the closet is in good shape or larger, like 10′ x 6′). I am looking at moving to 25mm figures as they are much easier to paint for me and I have come to like the way they look, especially Mark’s and Ian Croxall’s 25mm figures that I have had the opportunity to game with. I’ll use my 6mm WW II stuff for Piquet Field of Battle WW2, but if I go back to Command Decision (III), it will be in 10mm (probably Pendraken). My other 6mm figures (Adler) might end up for sale, but time will tell on that.


  2. jdglasco says:

    Tommy, your not to far from the truth. I’ve joked with Mark, my regular opponent, that we would be doing floor wargaming with 54mms just like H.G. Wells or Robert Louis Steveson.


  3. Tommy Parker says:

    ncie! with a room tha size you could probly go 54mm if you wanted lol


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