October 2012 Nuts! game: Crete 1941

Last month Mark and I were finally able to get together for a game. I spent the summer finding a new house, packing, moving, and sort of unpacking. Then my September was filled with finishing a conference paper and going to Las Vegas for the conference (Las Vegas is truly the best place for a conference). All that completed, Mark and I met in October for our first game since April, wow was it that long!

Mark was hosting and decided to run a Nuts! game based on the actions on Crete, 1941. The scenario saw a New Zealand infantry platoon attacking a couple of squads of German paratroopers. The German paratroopers had one squad in a forward position and one in the rear defending the Kiwi objective, a big building. The Kiwis advanced and overrun the forward German squad, taking some casualties along the way. The Germans then retreated any survivors back to the objective building, doing some delaying actions along the way. The Kiwis put a major assault on the objective building, only to be hit hard by German light and medium machinegun teams in the building. In the end, the battle came down to a series of hand grenade attacks, with the Germans victorious.

This was by far the bloodiest game of Nuts! Mark and I have ever played. Thinking about it the reasons for this were many. First, there was lots of concealment but little cover on the board. That made combats very close and lethal, especially with hand grenades. Also both sides had very high quality troops, which meant they tended to stay and fight and die rather than run away. Troop quality is a big deal in Nuts! and it showed in this game. A couple of weeks before I had played a solo game with a British platoon attacking a poor quality German half platoon (based on actions from September 1944). In that game, the Rep 3 and 4 Germans tended to fail morale checks and the British had easy victories in the two solo games I played. In this scenario, that was not the case. The close terrain, lack of cover, and high Reps resulted in a very high number of casualties for both sides. Realistic given the comparative casualty rates from urban combat.

All in all, another very successful Nuts! game. I highly recommend the Two Hour Wargames rules. Nuts! second edition is one of their best rules, but we have also enjoyed Long Rifle and in the future we hope to try a game of the second edition of Six Gun Sound Western era rules.

All the terrain and figures and table were provided by Mark, but hopefully we can get in a game in my new game room in the near future.

And now the game photos:

An overview of the game at start:

German forward postion (one squad):

German second position (objective building):

Scenes from the Kiwi attack on the German forward position:

Scenes from the Kiwi assault on the objective building:

The last guy left?

Overview at the end of the game:

Some close ups (figures are 25/28mm):



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