January 2013 Game: Field of Glory: Renaissance

Last month, Mark and I played my first game of Field of Glory Renaissance. Mark set up the Battle of Fleurus (1622). I am not a real expert on the Thirty Years’ War, so this was a fairly new period for me. In the past, Mark and I played a couple of Thirty Years’ War games with Piquet Field of Battle, but since then Mark has rebased his figures for Field of Glory Renaissance. I wanted to try out the rules as the ancient and medieval version of the rules worked well when we played them a year or two ago (how time flys!).

I don’t have much of a battle narrative as in January I was teaching an intensive four week long course in the History of Ireland and all I can remember from January is Irish History. I do remember that the game was probably too big for a learning game for me. By the end I felt a bit overwhelmed. Also the rules felt a bit mechanical at times, lacking in drama, but every part of the rules worked well, which is rare in rules these days. The Field of Glory Renaissance rules did a good job in producing a reasonable outcome for this period. I liked the rules enough to ask for another game, so we played a smaller and more interesting English Civil War game in February (write up of that to come).

Here are the orders of battle Mark came up with for the game:

FoGR Roster Fleurus Cordoba

FoGR Roster Fleurus Mansfield

 And here are some pictures of the game. The figures are 10mm and all expertly painted by Mark. As I recall the figures are a mix of Old Glory and Pendraken. Mark provided the entire game and lunch (thanks always for that).










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