Speaking of older A House Divided campaign games….

Speaking of older A House Divided campaign engine games, I found these two pictures of us playing a campaign game using A House Divided as the overall engine and Fire and Fury as the tactical rules. These were some of the best wargames I have every played as the players were intelligent and really into the games. Our group consisted of five players: Baird, Kyle, Mike, Shannon, and myself. We had plenty of time to play, and we usually managed to get in two or three games of our campaign a month.  Thinking back about these great games is one of the reasons I want to revive A House Divided as a campaign engine.

The pictures are from games at Baird’s house, so this the date of them is probably around 1993. Sorry about the picture quality, they were taken with an old Polaroid instant development camera. Reviewing the pictures, it looks like mustaches were mandatory!

Here Kyle and Mike move their forces into battle:

Kyle and Mike

Shannon’s fear is evident! (Shannon and I were usually the Union and usually lost the campaigns):


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