Speaking of A House Divided

To get a feel for the strategic picture that a Volley & Bayonet A House Divided campaign might take, I’ve been playing a few games of the old GDW A House Divided game. I’ve been using the second edition rules and playing the game via Vassal (see http://www.vassalengine.org/). Vassal is a good way to go if you have lots of children and pets that might mess up your game if you played it via the board and counters. While a bit different from the way VnB campaign game might go, playing A House Divided has given me some insight into the campaign. Plus it is a great game in itself. I used to play a lot of board games but sort of quit playing them for reason I can’t remember about 17 years ago (probably when my cat, then a kitten, messed up my 1776 campaign game that I had played for hours).

Here is a picture of my current A House Divided game, it is the start of the Jan/Feb 1864 turn:

A House DividedMap - Copy


One Response to Speaking of A House Divided

  1. Bill Owen says:

    Congratulations for getting so far into the game. Usually we’d call it before we got that far. A lot of fun. And maximum realism return for the minimal investment in learning the game. I have wanted to do the same VnB campaign using AHD game. I have also considered For The People which has some similarities, and fun… but a lot more chrome. That game “loads the dice” w/r/t early CSA leader abilities vs USA… and so tabletop games will not necessarily match the boardgame resolution without leader modifiers. But since campaigns need maximum simplicity, maybe too much chrome?


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