Volley & Bayonet American Civil War A House Divided Campaign Update

I have continued to work on my Volley & Bayonet: Road to Glory A House Divided campaign. I am using 6mm (really 8mm) Adler figures. I had a lot of these from about 20 years ago when we used them to play Fire and Fury. I also ordered what I needed to flesh out what I had from Adler Miniatures. Ordering from Adler is a bit odd in that you send them an order form via email. Then the caste the figures and sent you an email with the exact charges (including postage). Finally, I paid for them via PayPal. It was much easier than I thought and the entire process from start to finish took only two weeks. I paid actual postage rather than some inflated costs, which was nice. All of the figures came and were carefully packed.  I actually think I got a few extra figures, which must be Adler’s way of making sure you get everything you ordered in good order.

So I’ve been rebasing my painted Adler figures and painting new ones. I’ve gone for a very economy approach as I’m the only one painting the figures (Mark did provide me with some Adlers he had painted in the past, about a corps per side). In the end I hope to have about 100 massed infantry bases (60 Union and 40 Confederate), 30 massed cavalry and 30 linear infantry for cavalry dismounts (15 per each side), 60 artillery stands (a few more Union than Confederate) and up to 20 CC and 40 DC general stands (again a few more Union than Confederate). I’m about 60% of the way there, but I can easily start the campaign with fewer figures as both sides build up forces as the game goes on. My goal is to have 6 Union infantry corps and 4 Confederate infantry corps to start; I’m just 4 or 5 Union massed infantry and a few Union Smoothbore Artillery stands short right now.

I’ve also revised my draft of the campaign rules and they are below:

 Revised The American Civil War Campaign 2.0

Along the way I am planning on running several revised versions of the scenarios from the Volley & Bayonet Battles of the American Civil War supplement book; probably Shiloh first.


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