Revised map for Shiloh (Volley & Bayonet)

I’ve been taking a bit of a break from wargaming outside of painting figures due to a bit of burnout. One thing that I’ve been wanting to play again is the battle of Shiloh with Volley & Bayonet. The one and only other time I got to play this battle was back in 2000 when I lived in Tucson. Reading about the battle, it seemed to me that the map was a bit off. It was too stretched on the north and south axis. I was finally able to find a topographic map of the area. Using that as a base and other maps which showed the battlefield as it was in 1862, I have created this new map of the Shiloh battlefield. The scale is each box is 1200 yards (square).

Here is the new map:

Vnb Shiloh final map 2.0


The Tennessee River and Owl Creek are both impassable waterways.

The light blue lines are streams (they were not major waterways, but usually in ravines which created a movement obstacle).

The white lines are roads.

The green area near the Owl Creek is marsh.

The olive green areas (basically most of the map) is light woods and treated as orchard.

The brighter green area near the Peach Orchard, is a peach orchard and is treated as orchard.

The buildings at Shiloh Church and Pittsburg Landing are wooden village blocks (1 each).

The tan/yellow areas are open areas (usually fields).


2 Responses to Revised map for Shiloh (Volley & Bayonet)

  1. El Granadero Loco says:

    I’m doing this with 6/8mm Adlers and 5/12ths scale bases, so I don’t need a million trees, but I do have a lot of small trees that will work.



  2. Bill Owen says:

    Nice job. And I think I have enough woods.


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