Camden 1780 (map and order of battle for Volley & Bayonet)

As I am slowly getting back into historical miniature wargaming, I’ve been going through my wargaming files and updating things and thinking about what I’d like to play. One of the things I had forgotten about is a map for the battle of Camden (1780) that I made sometime ago. I’ve uploaded that map, a revised order of battle for Camden for Volley & Bayonet (Wing Scale), and the two base maps I used to make the Camden map. The map and order of battle can be used for a lot of sets of rules. Each square is 300 yards across, which means each square is a foot on the wargame table for rules that use 1″ = 25 yards (like British Grenadier and Piquet/Piquet Field of Battle).

The Order of Battle (for Volley & Bayonet): Camden Wing 1-50 July 2013

The map for Volley & Bayonet (Wing Scale) (note that most of the table is covered by light woods):

Camden VnB Wing

The Overlay Map I used to determine the area of the battle:

Camden Overlay

And a topographical map of the area I used to double check the overlay map (most of the battlefield fits in the yellow area):

camden Topo

Speaking of the woods on the battlefield, here is a picture of the woods that shows their density:

Camden woods density


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