Fast Play Rights & Treason

I’ve been thinking about my two games of Fast Play Rights & Treason (based on Sam Mustafa’s Fast Play Grande Armee). I had originally made artillery stands 12 guns or 6 guns. This left all artillery units with 1 SP, which tended to make them very fragile (one hit after saves and they were gone). Also that scale produced a lot of artillery stands. Reading through the ideas of some influential Union artillery officers ( I realized that I needed larger artillery units to be on the same scale footing as infantry and cavalry brigades. Because of that I opted for 16 gun artillery stands (battalions) (which have 2 SP) and the occasional 6-8 gun artillery stands (batteries) (1 SP). That works out well as a 16 gun artillery stand is equal to a historical Confederate artillery battalion or one half of a Union artillery brigade. Having 2 SP also makes artillery battalion stands far less fragile.

Here are the new charts/QRS I’ve created to go with this scale: ACW Charts v 1.2 16 gun

Here is an example OB for Gettysburg which shows how this would work in practise: FPGA Gettysburg OB Basic 16 gun

Here is an example OB for Shiloh: FPGA Shiloh OB Basic 16 gun

I have left these files a Word files so you can change anything you would like to. I know the commander ratings are pretty subjective and you might have your own ideas about the abilities of various generals.

Now I have to figure out if I want to use 5/12s size bases or rebase my figures to 1/2 size bases, which would look better and be less fiddly, but be a lot of work.

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