Hobkirk Hill Order of Battle for Volley & Bayonet)

To illustrate how well Volley & Bayonet can work for the smaller battles of the American Revolution, I’ve included the Volley & Bayonet order of battle for Hobkirk Hill (1781). It uses the Division Scale for Volley & Bayonet (the special rules are included in the order of battle). Sorry no map or scenario yet. I have yet to find another set of rules that works really well for small battles like this one.

Hobkirk Hill 1-25 July 2013


3 Responses to Hobkirk Hill Order of Battle for Volley & Bayonet)

  1. Bill Owen says:

    Thanks for posting this as I am looking into simulating a similarly small battle of Piedras, a step in the Uruguayan independence which is its 203rd anniversary tomorrow. I have never done the smaller scaled V&B and it’s helpful to see how you did it.


  2. jdglasco says:

    We will. I think the division scale will work better for Hobkirk hill than the wing (or was it battalion scale?) that we tried long ago (the day Shane came with me).


  3. Mark says:

    Good to see you posting, Jeff. I look forward to more Volley and Bayonet for these interesting battles— hopefully before your son is off to college!


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