On a break, sort of.

Well I think I have hit the point where family, work, and a new dog have filled up my dance card, so I’m on a break from gaming for awhile. I still paint now and then, but that is all I have time for these days. I’ll post more wargaming material as time allows in the future.

My most recent purchase has been a new dog, named Heidi the Wonderdog (along with my daughter below). I seem to be spending most of my hobby time these days taking her outside (hopefully to do her business there and not in my game room!). So far she has left all of my miniatures alone, but then I’ve been very careful to keep an eye on her. So instead of gaming on Saturdays, I’ll be off to puppy training courses for the next couple of months.

Heidi the Dog

2 Responses to On a break, sort of.

  1. Bill Owen says:

    At least you didn’t get a cat! One wargaming friend was horrified by my getting a cat. He said self-respecting gamers only got dogs because they couldn’t jump on the tables and re-arranged board game counters, “mine” the sand-table etc.!


    • jdglasco says:

      Too late, I’ve had one cat for 18 and a half years and another cat for 14 years. The older one does like to rearranged board game counters and still tries to sit in the middle of any family board game we play. Neither of them every messed with my miniatures. In fact the older one spends about 16 hours a day sleeping under my miniature painting table.


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