Henry Dearborn’s Journal

Henry Dearborn was a major who had been exchanged and appointed to the 3rd New Hampshire Regiment. He eventually commanded a 300 man light infantry battalion composed of drafts from the five Continental brigades (60 men drafted from each brigade) under Gates. His journal gives a good account of some aspects of the American side of the campaign. The journal also contains information on the Monmouth Campaign of 1778 for those looking for primary source information about that campaign.

Journals of Henry Dearborn

2 Responses to Henry Dearborn’s Journal

  1. jdglasco says:

    The new 40mm American Revolution figures are very nice. I’ve thought about getting some for skirmish level games. As to With Bayonets and Zeal, I think that it is an excellent book and very good scholarship.


  2. greenknight4 says:

    Wow I am looking forward to reading this. Currently I am writing a new set of company level rules that fit in about at the “Saga” rules level of play. Figures are based singly and the size of the unit tends to note it’s fighting quality. As Phil Sabin teaches, the better the unit the smaller it usually was in relationship to other units on the battle field. I have run a few play tests and it feels right. I am finishing up my second read of “With Zeal and Bayonets”. I have also started reading Ewald again as this book is really at the level of play i am trying to capture. I currently use 40mm figures but any scale will work.


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