von Barner Battalion and Bennington and Casualties

I posted this on The Miniatures Page, but I suspect it will be easier for other people to find if I also post it here as well.

von Barner’s Battalion, Casualties during the 1777 campaign.

The battalion started with 483 total fit (July 1 return). On July 21 they received a further 65 reinforcements, giving them a total of 548 men. Additionally the battalion had 81 men “on command”, that is detached in Canada as a cadre. Thus by June 21, the battalion had on its musters at least 629 men. By September 1, the battalion had 283 total fit with a further 13 sick present and 159 in Canada. The 78 additional men in Canada were probably sick and wounded evacuated there. On September 1, we can account for 455 men. So what happened to the other 174 men?

Most of these men were lost at Bennington. The 59 men who marched with Baum lost a total of 57 men; 2 men escaped and later rejoined their battalion. The other 57 were killed or captured (including many wounded). The elements of Barner’s Battalion that marched with Breymann started with 288 men. They lost 102 men (1 killed, 35 wounded, and 66 missing). Thus the total lost for the Barner Battalion at Bennington was up to 159 men with 124 men clearly lost (the wounded with Breymann excluded). That accounts for all but 50 of the men the battalion lost between July 1 and September 1. The other 50 were probably casualties of smaller engagements or died of disease.

However, the strength of 283 men fit and present and 13 sick and present (total of 296) with Burgyone on September 1 shows that the Barner Battalion was not fully destroyed at Bennington. Also of the 548 men of the battalion who went into New York in July, only 347 were present at the battle. Up to 201 (minus casualties between July 1 and August 15) were present with Burgoyne’s main body. Given that each company numbered around 100 men; I suspect that at least one company did not go on raid on Bennington and probably remained with the rest of the Brunswick troops under Riedesel. As to the rest of the jaegers, Breymann does report that the jaeger company was with him, but some detachment of them many have remained with Burgoyne as clearly the entire Barner Battalion was not with Breymann or Baum.

As to Lieutenant Hagemann, who was a casualty at Bennington and thus some think he commanded a company of jaegers with Baum, Breymann sent him on August 15 with a message to inform Baum of Breymann’s location. Breymann reported that he received a reply from Baum on the morning of the 16th. So that means (at least to me) that Hagemann was with Breymann’s force rather than commanding a company or detachment with Baum’s force.

There is a lot of information about this in the Riedesel Journal which can be found online; search Riedesel Journal in Google books and you will find it.


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