Johnny Reb 3 for the American Revolution

I’ve been exploring rules to use for the American Revolution, especially for a campaign. Based on the figures I have, especially those painted, I think I would do the 1781 Southern campaign first and if that worked the 1777 Burgoyne campaign next. In reading as many primary and secondary sources I could find about those campaigns it was clear that there were very few big battles and many smaller ones. As I read about the many smaller battles it occurred to me that those smaller battles looked a lot like some of the American Civil war scenarios that were produced for Johnny Reb (1 and 2). That led me to consider a version of Johnny Reb for the American Revolution. I could never get the Volley & Bayonet wing scale rules to work (Greg Novak took the secret of the Wing Scale with him to the grave) and Piquet is really for battles with 12 to 24 units per side, so Johnny Reb looked like a good choice. The 3rd edition of the rules are more playable to my tastes, so I found some existing Johnny Reb charts (found here: and revamped them to my tastes. I played one game several months ago with an earlier version of the charts and it worked very well. So right now I’m rebasing and expanding my American Revolution units to a 1-20 scale to try this out further. If it all fails, the same figure basing can be used with Piquet or Volley and Bayonet (my other choices).

Here are my charts (they are for 15mm figures):

.pdf version


Word version



4 Responses to Johnny Reb 3 for the American Revolution

  1. greenknight4 says:

    Funny how we AWI gamers have a hard time accepting rules out there. What I do now is used a modification of Command and Colors at wing scale. I could never get into V&B though I played them for years. I have used a lot of your info here for the armies and scenarios. I have also modified the rules quite a bit. sometimes I use a hexed table and sometimes inches.


    • jdglasco says:

      My friend Mark has Command and Colors and has had it laid out a few times when I was at his house, both with counters and if I remember correctly, one time with miniatures. It looked very interesting. I have it and the rules on Vassal, I should give it a try as I’ve been looking for a good Ancients game. Plus my 14 year old son is really into Roman History and he likes games.


  2. jdglasco says:

    Most of the charts are pretty standard Johnny Reb 3 with modifications for the American Revolution. I used Column of Companies for the French rather than attack column. Also I use 25% loss rather than stand loss. Finally I’ve made each 25% lost +2 to morale instead of +3 but that’s just my preference.


  3. jhovey11 says:

    I had looked at the original AWI charts a few years ago and look forward to reviewing your mods. Thanks for posting them.


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