Speaking of the 1781 South Campaign

One thing I found while search around the Internet was a Cyberboard copy of a game called “Tarleton’s Quarter” by Against the Odds. It had an excellent area movement map (game board) for the Southern campaigns of the American Revolution. The map covers northeast Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. I also found a copy of the rules and read them. I have yet to play the actual game, but this is one of the best board games about the American Revolution I have ever found. It also includes scenarios starting in December 1778, February 1780 and March 1781. You can find out more about this game at: http://www.atomagazine.com/Details.cfm?ProdID=75. I was so impressed with the Cyberboard version that I ordered a physical copy from Against the Odds (and it arrived very quickly). The physical quality of the game, especially the map is excellent. As maps for campaign games are the hardest part for me (I’m no cartographer or graphic artist), the map from this game could very well be used for a December 1780 to April 1781 campaign game that I have been thinking about for many years.

Here is a sample of the Tarleton’s Quarter game board:


2 Responses to Speaking of the 1781 South Campaign

  1. jdglasco says:

    I’ve read the rules a couple of times and it looks very playable and fairly historically accurate. I wish the 1781 campaign had started earlier, say January 1781.


  2. greenknight4 says:

    My wife bought me this at Cold Wars. I opened it to look at the map and forgot about it. I must revisit it. Thanks


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