Henry Hyde’s Wars of the Faltenian Succession

I just got my copy of Henry Hyde’s Wars of the Faltenian Succession. It is a compilation of his articles about how to create an imaginary nations for wargaming. The original articles appeared in Henry’s former magazine, Battlegames. When converted to American dollars, I think the price of the supplement was a bit shy of $7 (which is about the cost of a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal these days). I have always been interested in these “imagination” style of wargaming so I thought I’d risk $6 and some change to see the full package. I had read some of Henry’s ideas about this in book, The Wargame Compendium, but the full package is an excellent buy for anyone interested in creating their own imaginary nation for wargaming.

The full supplement expands the basic ideas that Henry included in The Wargame Compendium. There are 12 sections that take you from start to nearly finish in creating your own imaginary nations for wargaming. It is clearly aimed at creating nations for 18th Century style states, but with some changes would work for other periods. Included are ideas for how to make maps for your nations, movement rates for your armies, logistics, national economies, creating fictional armies, adding personalities to your campaign, linking battlefield combat to your campaign, and siege rules. Despite having played miniature wargames for 33 years and having run several successful wargame campaigns, I learned a lot from Henry’s ideas. Therefore, I can highly recommend the purchase of this supplement for those of use who don’t have the original articles from the Battlegames magazine.

You can get a copy here: http://henrys-wargaming.co.uk/?page_id=1667.

Wars of the Faltenian Succession


4 Responses to Henry Hyde’s Wars of the Faltenian Succession

  1. henryhyde438 says:

    Thanks for your kind comments, much appreciated, and glad you enjoyed the ‘special’. I’ve been commissioned to write another book, this time focusing solely on campaigns, so hopefully I’ll be able to provide you with more entertainment. 🙂



    • jdglasco says:


      Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I look forward to your campaign book. I’m far more interested in campaigns than one off games. If you need an outside proof reader or the like, I’d be more than willing to help.


  2. jdglasco says:

    I agree with your comments about the one-man-band approach. Too much of that led to a lot of my wargame burn-out. I also recommend Henry’s book: The Wargaming Compendium. It has some good ideas and revived a lot of my interest in wargaming.


  3. Bill Owen says:

    Nice find. He has several free items to check out his publications.

    His me & my hobby page describes the difficulty between finding the balance of ideals: enough realism but finishable and that includes the exceptional amount of set-up associated with gathering a collection. The English club approach has so much more potential than the more typical US approach of one-man-band who has no, or too few, in the choir.


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