Revised Order of Battle for Brandywine (1777) for Volley & Bayonet

I have been looking at various American Revolution orders of battle for Volley & Bayonet, especially those at the Regimental Scale, which is where I think Volley & Bayonet works the best. I have opted to do smaller scale battles with 15mm figures and the original Piquet rules plus the Cartouche supplement (2nd edition) (which I will post more about later), but the bigger battles work best with a set of rules that allow you to fight the entire battle and not just parts of it. I have also painted my first 28mm Foundry American Revolution figures and I really like them. So I have opted to do a long-term project of doing both Brandywine and Monmouth with Volley and Bayonet and a mix of metal and plastic 28mm figures, mostly the Perry miniatures.

One of the issues with 28mm figures is the cost of artillery; it costs a lot to have 20 or so stands of 28mm artillery, especially if they are metal and the wonderful Perry figures. I have a son who starts college in four years and a daughter who will go to college in eight years, so my financial resources need to be saved for that rather than wargame figures. As I told my wife, once our children are college graduates we will have enough money to buy optional things like drunken sailors, but until then I need to follow the model of my frugal Scottish ancestors.

In my original Volley & Bayonet order of battle for Brandywine, I included all of the American artillery as separate stands. That worked, but in rereading the designer notes and rules of the 2nd edition of Volley & Bayonet, I realized that they best way to represent American artillery was the use of dedicated guns as the guns were assigned for the most part to the individual American infantry brigades rather than to the divisions or brigaded as division/wing forces like the British did. I think the 4″ range for dedicated guns works well for this period as most of the guns were shorter 6-pounders or 3 and 4-pounders. For later periods, like the American Civil War and Napoleonic conflicts, it might be better to give dedicated guns a 6″ range to better reflect the way divisional guns were used and the size of those guns in the later periods.

So I have revised my order of battle for Brandywine, and assigned  most of the American artillery as dedicated guns. That leaves the Americans with a single stand of heavy artillery, but it seems to better reflect the way the guns were used. When reading the British primary source accounts of the battle, they seem to only comment on the first from the larger (12-pounder) guns, especially in terms of long range fire. It also makes playing this scenario more economical in terms of artillery stands, which is not the goal of the revised order of battle, but a nice unintended consequence.

So here is my revised order of battle for Brandywine using Volley & Bayonet at the regiment scale:

Brandywine 1-200 July 2014


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