Star Wars Armada

I’ll admit that this topic isn’t very 18th Century or even historical, but this game looks exceptionally cool. I already play the Star Wars X-Wing with my 14 year old son, so I expect he will like this game as well. Not out until 2015, but something I will buy without hesitation. For more see:

Star Wars Armada


One Response to Star Wars Armada

  1. Bill Owen says:

    My first thought was that In Our Day we had no interest in games involving the far future, Buck Rogers etc.

    But then I remembered that we did buy some “modern” tanks which is to say current for that time (1970) that were never used by the US/USSR against each other. So in a sense, we played a game or two of the *unthinkable* future. Indeed it may just be my pale perception that such spacecraft live only in a far-fetched imagination.


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