Harry Pearson is selling off his wargame figures.

Harry Pearson, the author of Achtung Schweinehund!, is selling off his miniatures. You can learn more about this here. Most seem to be 20mm vintage figures. I don’t know why he is getting out of the miniature wargame hobby, that’s his personal business, but I am sad to see him go. I have to read tons of books each year for my job as a college/university professor, but rarely do I read a book cover to cover for pure enjoyment. I heard about Achtung Schweinehund! and got a copy as it sounded interesting. I loved the book. I must have read it two or three times, every word, from cover to cover, in the first couple of months I had it. I still read it when I feel a bit burnt out on wargaming as Harry can make the entire hobby sound so interesting and funny at the same time. As I am about the same age as Harry,  I could relate on a personal level to many of the stories he told about growing up and his experiences playing wargames. So it is sad to see him leaving the wargaming hobby as his book has provided me with tons of enthusiasm for playing games with toy soldiers just when I needed it.

UPDATE: I finally figured out that Harry was going “flats” with two dimensional figures. I once thought about using flats, but that was in the early days of the Internet and finding them looked like it would be a hobby itself back then.

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