Teaser about Sam Mustafa’s Blucher rules

Just in case you missed it, Sparker’s blog has a teaser sheet from Sam Mustafa’s upcoming Blucher rules. Go to http://sparkerswargames.blogspot.com.au/2014/10/blucher-leak.html to see the sheet. I’m not that much into new rule sets as most don’t do much for me, but Sam Mustafa’s games are a step above the rest. There are a few more bits of information about the rules in the comments section.


One Response to Teaser about Sam Mustafa’s Blucher rules

  1. Bill Owen says:

    Might be of interest to those of us who know less about that period of history and can get ones feet wet. Typically, we choose rules based on a period we know something about and want to understand better the interactions that the designer felt were decisive.

    Then later on you see a game set up at a con about another period. You could buy a ruleset but most assume you know “enough” about the subject and you get stuck trying to fill in the blanks. It appears that ruleset has a lot of chrome and atmosphere to help with more of those blanks. What would help is a good, brief history to get an overview too. And then down the rabbit hole you go…


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