Two Hour Wargames: All Things Zombie


Today my 14 year old son and I played our first games of All Things Zombie: Better Dead Than Zed by Two Hour Wargames. We have played a few games of Star Wars X-Wing before, but this was the first miniature game we played that was land based and with figures that we had painted. Our two games were small, just two humans, both pretty strong, and about 8-15 zombies in both games (including those generated by gun shots). Overall, we both had a lot of fun, which was the goal (along with some father-son interaction).

Earlier in the day, we had stopped by one of the local game stores, Haven Gaming, which had a “historical miniature wargames day”. I thought it was ok, mostly skirmish or low figure density games. At least there weren’t any dreadful Flames of War games (and if you love those rules, fine, but I find them dreaful). My son thought it was pretty cool, and he liked looking at the variety of figures people had for their games, most had a solid paint job, which helped increase the “cool” factor for a 14 year old.

When we got home, we set up a basic 4′ x 4′ board for a couple of All Things Zombies games. I started painting some of the Wargames Factory 28mm figures about a month ago and had 17 zombies and 4 humans completed, which was pretty good as I had been working long hours most of the last month. I wanted to introduce my son to miniature wargaming with a pretty basic scenario that was low figure density as to not make it overwhelming. So we both played on the same side with one figure each.

The first scenario called for our two humans (survivors) to recover a bag of weapons and ammo that had been left in an ambulance. I think there were six or seven zombies on the board. My son and I discussed our plan of attack, a sweep around the left as that would let us get closest to the ambulance with encountering the fewest zombies. My son had a rep 5 character, Steve Johnson, who was armed with an M16 and had the attributes of born leader and marksman (some of which I modified based on the attribute list from Nuts! Final edition). I had a character, “Hoodie”, who had a BAP and a machete with the advantage of +1d6 melee die with his machete. Hoodie’s Rep was 4. We quickly maneuvered around to near the ambulance. I don’t think we generated one zombie due to gun fire. With Steve Johnson’s expert marksmanship and Hoodie’s melee skills, we quickly got to the bag and exited our home table edge without encountering any more zombies.

The second scenario used the same terrain, but we decided to play a clearing scenario in which we had to destroy all seven zombies that started on the board. This time we went right and again Steve Johnson’s marksmanship and Hoodies’ melee skills quickly destroyed all of the zombies. This time we did generate a few more zombies due to gun fire, but in the end we were able to destroy all of them.

Both scenarios were fun and quickly introduced both of use to the basics of All Things Zombie; I have played about 20 games using some variant of the Two Hour Wargame skirmish rules, but this was the first time my son had played them. I quickly got the basics of the zombies rules and my son was pretty solid with the rules after the two scenarios. We also had the time to run through a few examples of human to human combat so that my son saw how that sort of game would work; a lot more lethal than human to zombie combat.

Overall it was a good game. My son and I got to do something fun together. I like how in the Two Hour Wargames, players can be on the same side, which lets both players win and makes the game less of a confrontational experience. We played both games and ran through are human to human examples in about two and a half hours. Then my son enthusiastically discussed other scenarios and asked about the campaign rules. I could tell that he was very interested in a campaign in the style of The Walking Dead. We have some basic buildings coming in the mail (should get here in a few days) and I’ll be painting more zombies and humans (including ganger types). That will allow us to play more scenarios and then possibly a campaign.

My son took a few photos with his phone. Here they are:



And a few close ups of the miniatures, mostly taken after we had played (we were having too much fun to stop to take pictures). My son took these with his cell phone, so the quality is mixed, but he did a lot better job taking pictures than I could have.

The “Hoodie” character



One of our zombies that we both painted part of:



The “Kid” character taking out zombies (we didn’t use him in today’s games):



Zombies advance on Steve Johnson:



My favorite character “The Mexican” firing on zombies (again we didn’t use him today either):



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