More Two Hour Wargames Zombies

After a long morning of working with some confused students in my online university course, I needed a bit of a break and something new to do. My son suggested a few more games of All Things Zombie by Two Hour Wargames. We set up a basic board and played two games in a total of an hour and a half. They were small games. The first required two human survivors to make it to a crashed police car and recover a back pack of something “really important”. There were about six zombies on the board at the start of the game and around 10 more were activated by gunfire. In the end, all of the zombies were “dead” and the two humans escaped with the bag. The second game required two humans to get past a pair of bad humans guarding a road block. The two survivor or good humans almost got waxed right off. One survivor took two hits and suffered two knockdown results. The resulting gun fire set the other human fleeing for cover (failed two dice on a man down test). The knocked down human escaped and rallied his friend. They came back and flanked the bad humans (gangers); took both out. In the end a few zombies arrive (five in total, three killed). One of the zombies got to feast on the dead ganger; the other ganger was out of the fight and likely would have been the zombies’ second course. I have some S/O scale railroad buildings coming in a few days. I’ll paint them up so we can have a few more complex scenarios. I have also realized I need to paint up about a dozen more humans and finish zombies 18-21. All in all we both had a good time and my son has quickly picked up the rules. For a game project that started about five weeks ago we have done alright in getting something painted and some games played. What I really like about the Two Hour Wargame rules is that you can really play them in two hours; no need to have a full day to play one game.

Here a few pictures my son took with his phone camera:

One human (sorry his base is unfinished) melees with a zombie:


Another human flanks the zombies and takes them out with his submachinegun:


Zombies swarm the humans near the wrecked police car:


A ganger (bad human) lies in wait behind the hillbilly Humvee:



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