Dogs and Wargames

After a long break, I was able to play a game again. This year has been a long year in terms of work and other issues. My wife and I taught heavy course loads in the Spring, which limited my gaming time. Then in the summer, my wife went to India in June, I taught an online college course, and my son was busy with marching band; all we got for a vacation was a quick three days in Disneyland. This semester was even worse. My wife ended up having to teach an overload as someone at our college screwed up the course schedule. The good side of that is she got a course reduction for the Spring and will teach far fewer courses than normal. I had a heavy load again this semester, made worse by having to change, revise and add course materials for two online courses; it seems I was the guinea pig for two courses that had switched from books to OERS (a bad idea in general, but I could not change it). This left me with little time to play many games; just one in the summer with my Arizona friend Shane and a few All Things Zombies games with my son.

To remedy that, I invited Mark to come over for a game over the Thanksgiving break. My college has the entire week off, and I had a slow week in an online course I was teaching. We ended up playing an All Things Zombie game and a Nuts! game (both using the final versions of those rules by Two Hour Wargames). My son was able to drag himself out of bed and join us for both games. The only issue was Mark could not leave his dog at home for various reasons, so I said to bring him to save him the cost of doggy day care. I have a dog about the same age and size so they should be able to hang out together. To facilitate this, I recruited my dog loving daughter as our doggy wrangler. I wasn’t sure out this would all turn out, but I wanted to play a game and this was the only way to make this happen.

In the end it worked out great. Our dogs had a “doggy play date” (that does sound a bit bourgeois doesn’t it!). They ran around the game room, which is far bigger than the table area so they never got underfoot. I think my dog, Heidi, had the best time of any mammal involved. My daughter was a great dog wrangler, but I hope this doesn’t give her the idea that we need a second dog as one dog is more than enough. So a dog get-together with some wargames worked a lot better than I thought it would, and I’d do it again.

My next two posts will cover the actual games the humans played.

Sophie the Dog Wrangler

Sophie the dog wrangler

Pluto (Mark’s dog) and Heidi (my dog)

Pluto and Heidi

My son James (yes he is still not dressed, but then he just got up at 10:30 am) and the dogs

James and dogs

The whirl of dogs as the race around the room

dogs whirl past

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